The ECML web portal converts your school’s course material list into a functional website. In a few clicks your students get the savings benefit of shopping online, but save all the hassle and time of shopping multiple online merchant sites one by one.

It is free for students and their families to use and requires no registration. It is also intuitive and simple to navigate. There is no extraneous advertising of any kind. The ECML web portal facilitates all types of items, from printed books and eBooks, to materials like calculators and lab goggles.

Cost Savings

Students will be guided to the most appropriate merchant or publisher to obtain the materials they need with up to 97% savings.

The number of schools that have adopted the ECML web portal solution over the past couple of years has grown, and the feedback they are getting from students and parents has been nothing but positive.  Schools have reported receiving comments from parents indicating they spent far less money than they had expected, and that the ECML web portal made the process quick and simple, saving them much time and frustration.



No timelines, period.​  Changes to the Course list can be made quickly and at any time.

The ​​ECML Online Textbook Web Portal replaces your current bookstore.  It is a low cost solution for you and is free for your students to use to source new, rental, used, & eBooks.

Flannery Book Service



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Your students self-source their course materials but are limited to either purchasing from a single-source online bookstore, which means dealing with significant price mark-ups, or the tedious option of shopping multiple online merchants one by one in order to find the best deal for each item they need.  You need a solution that will streamline that shopping process for your students and parents, saving them both time and money.


Enhanced Course Materials List Web Portal


Marketplace Buyback available for your students.


Curriculum Materials

The portal offers New, Used, Rental, Marketplace, and Digital options.